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Monday, October 22, 2018

Celebration of Chinese New Year 2019

Celebration of Chinese New Year 2019

Chinese New Year 2019

Chinese New Year is known today as the Spring Festival in this modern day. The Chinese New Year is celebrated between January and March every year. Chinese New Year 2019 is Tuesday, February 5th this year.
In China it is very celebrated. People make many preparations and celebrate happiness for this day.

Pre Chinese New Year 2019 Preparations

Laba Festival

Some Chinese people already get ready for their New Year's preparations. This is the time of January 5 when some people have been engaged in preparations for the Chinese New Year from long ago.
After January 20, people are cleaning their homes. Removes old things out of your house and ready for a new beginning.
A lot of people in China also start shopping for their New Year's celebrations. There is a lot of crowd in China's big cities during the Christmas and New Year.
Everybody buys new clothes and the Chinese New Year, especially new markets, are also installed.

Decorations At Home

On Chinese New Year, people do not leave any room to decorate their homes. Some people decorate it a day or two ago but most people decorate their homes during New Year's Eve.
The houses decorate red lanterns, red-colored twins and beautiful pictures of the new year in their homes. People also put photos of God in the doors of their houses. They believe that doing this brings blessings, longevity, health, and peace.

Chinese New Year 2019

It is said that if these two people write the Spring duhas in the Chinese homes, then evil is far away. These are some black or red colored cards which contain some traditional couplets and a monkey picture is also made known as Lucky Monkey.
Many new paintings for Chinese New Year are also used in the walls of their houses.

The Four Homelands of the New Year Painting

Taizhou in Mianhuhu, Sichuan, Suzhou, Yangliquin in Tianjin and weifang in Shandong.

Chinese New Year 2019

Paper Cutouts is an integral part of Chinese New Year, which is very much used. They are very beautiful and they contain artifacts related to different types of topics like farming, weaving, fisheries, sheep rearing, pigs, and chicken rearing. Also flower, bird and Chinese Zodiac creatures are famous in Chinese paper cutout designs.

Chinese New Year 2019 Eve

Chinese New Year 2019

On this day, the Chinese people celebrate very much. All the people of the house celebrate the party with their families in the evening. Some people too travel by far and also to their family.
In this happiness many dishes are also made. Such as fish, sugar Fritters, spring rolls, sticky rice cakes, sweet rice balls, noodles, oranges etc.

Watching CCTV’s New Year Gala

It has become a custom that all the Chinese families together see CCTV's New Year Gala on New Year's Day till midnight. Gala starts from 8 a.m. and ends at midnight. There are several types of Chinese literary programs and song Sandin organized.

Chinese New Year 2019 Day 1

All Chinese people enjoy the new year at night and celebrate the whole party.

New Year's Bell 

A bell or a Traditional symbol of the Bell Chinese New Year is because they believe that by playing a big bang, all bad things are dispelled and it is very good to take good luck. People go to the temples on this day, where by playing the big Bell they lose their misery.

Lion dances and dragon dances

The lion and dragon dance is very famous in Hong Kong and Macau.

Chinese New Year 2019 Day 2

Traditionally a married daughter, Chinese New Year's Day, 2 days comes to visit his parents' house.

Chinese New Year from 3rd day to seventh day

In the 3 - 7th day, Chinese people go to visit their relatives and friends. They believe that their good Fate and faith will be cleansed with pieces of firecrackers and red papers, so they clean it after two days.

Chinese New Year’s Day 8

On 8th day people take up the task of their ordinary lives. No. 8 is considered to be Lucky in China, so all businesses and companies start their work on this day again.

Chinese New Year’s Day 15

Chinese New Year 2019

The Lantern Festival is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the Chinese New Year's Lantern Festival. This spring festival festival is an important traditional end. On this day people burn the lanterns and fly in the sky.



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